Ultrasound Guided Femoro-popliteal Block for Below Knee Amputation in a Patient with Gas Gangrene with Coagulopathy


Vol 9 | Issue 1 | January-April 2023 | Page: 01-03 | Sheetal Chiplonkar, Pratibha Toal, Jalpa Kate, Nidhi Chitravanshi

DOI: https://doi.org/10.13107/jaccr.2023.v09i01.210

Author: Sheetal Chiplonkar [1], Pratibha Toal [1], Jalpa Kate [1], Nidhi Chitravanshi [1]

[1] Department of Anaesthesia, BARC Hospital, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Address of Correspondence
Dr. Sheetal Chiplonkar,
Senior Consultant, Department of Anaesthesia, BARC Hospital, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
E-mail: drsheetalchiplonkar@gmail.com


Introduction: Gas gangrene is a necrotic infection of soft tissue associated with high mortality, often necessitating amputation in order to control the infection.
Method: We present a case of emergency below knee amputation in a patient with lower limb gas gangrene. He was a known diabetic, hypertensive, alcoholic and on warfarin for central venous thrombosis and presented in septic shock. Crepitus and gram staining of the wound confirmed the diagnosis of gas gangrene. Immediate warfarin reversal was facilitated with Fresh frozen plasma and Vitamin K prior surgery. Ultrasound was used for Central Venous Catheter placement and administering femoro-popliteal nerve block.
Results: Below knee amputation was successfully performed uneventfully and patient was later discharged home.
Conclusion: Timely intervention and combined efforts of surgical, microbiology and anaesthesia team resulted in lifesaving procedure for the patient.
Ultrasonography guidance was of immense help in performing regional procedures especially during coagulopathy where risk of bleeding due to blind procedures would have been high.
Keywords: Gas gangrene, Femoropopliteal nerve block, Ultrasonography


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