Journal of Anaesthesia and Critical Care Case Reports May-Aug 2018 Vol 4 Issue 2

ISSN 2454 -7174

Volume 4 | Issue 2 | May – Aug 2018

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Operating Theatre Mannerisms & Etiquette: Revisited!

Pallavi Lande-Marghade

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Guest Editorial

Improving safety and quality in regional anesthesia: An innovative app for Indian national regional anesthesia audit database, regional anesthesia database App

Shiv Kumar Singh

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Piyush Mallick Innovation

Anesthesia and Infection Control

Murlikrishna Kannan, Sushmitha Santhosh

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Case Reports

One-Year Prospective Audit of Truncal Blocks Using Regional Anesthesia Database App

Hetal Vadera, Shiv Kumar Singh, Gurunath Murthy, Vedha Balasubramaniam

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Management of Perioperative Pulmonary Edema in a Case of Preeclampsia for Cesarean Section

Pavan V. Tayde, Aariz Ansari, Islam Loutfy, Hema Sharma

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Successful Anesthetic Management of Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Patients with Very Low Ejection Fraction: Two Case Reports

Meenakshi Kumar, Mamta Panwar, Swarnendu Dey

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Successful Management of Subcutaneous Infiltration of an Intubating dose of Rocuronium in a Morbidly Obese Patient: A Case Report

Nadia Awad, Scott Zalut, Evan Deutsch

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Emergency Cesarean Section under Spinal Anesthesia in an Operated Patient of Meningocele during Her Infancy: A Case Report

Vineet Gupta, Gaurav Arora

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Incapacitating Mediastinal Pain and Hemodynamic Compromise Due to a Non-Displaced, Acutely Kinked Nasogastric Tube in a Post-operative Esophagectomy Patient – A Case Report

Chetan Mehra, Atish Pal

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Intraoperative Priapism during Neuraxial Anaesthesia Resulting in Trouble to the Urologist: A Case Report

Jyoti Garg, Ho Vui Kian, Challa Satish Kumar Reddy

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Technical Note

Perineural and fascial plane catheters- how to iron out the kinks

Madan Narayanan, Sioned Phillips

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Letter to Editor

Are we starving our cesarean patients too much postoperatively?

Kalyani Sathe, Harshal Wagh, Avinash Kakde, Pranav Thusay

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