Journal of Anaesthesia and Critical Care Case Reports | January-April 2023 | Vol 9 | Issue 1

Journal of Anaesthesia and Critical Care Case Reports

ISSN 2454 -7174

Volume9 | Issue 1 | January-April 2023


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Case Reports

Ultrasound Guided Femoro-popliteal Block for Below Knee Amputation in a Patient with Gas Gangrene with Coagulopathy
Sheetal Chiplonkar, Pratibha Toal, Jalpa Kate, Nidhi Chitravanshi

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Paediatric Rigid Bronchoscope and Fogarty Embolectomy Catheter as a Rescue in Successful Management of a Patient with Metallic Tracheal Stent In-Situ: A Case Report
Chetan Mehra, Charu Shrotriya, Chitra Chatterji

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Resuscitation and Management of Bomb Blast Survivor – A Challenge in Real
Suresh Jaganathan, Balaji Thirugnanam, Shanmugapriya Senthilkumar, Duraiyarassu Uthaman

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Tracheal Laceration Due to Dog Bite in a Five Year Old Girl: The Chronicles of a Complex Case Managed Successfully
Narayanan. K, Geeta Bhandari, Abhishek Madeshia, Shikha Singh

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Short Communication

An Unexpected Case of Lodged Guidewire During Central Venous Catheter Insertion
Kashish Garg, Navdeep Kaur, Rishika Goel, Ajay Singh, Venkata Ganesh, Naveen Naik B

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