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Vol 4 | Issue 3 | Sep-Dec 2018 | page: 1-2 | Pallavi Lande

Authors: Pallavi Lande [1].

[1] Department Of Anesthesia, Al Zahra Pvt. Hospital, Sharjah, UAE.

Address of Correspondence

Dr. Pallavi Lande, Speciality Anaesthesiologist, Al Zahra Pvt. Hospital, Sharjah, UAE. E-mail:

We thank Dr. Santosh Kumar Sharma for the guest editorial “Failed Nerve Blocks: Prevention and Management” and Dr. Muralidhar Thondebhavi for the guest editorial “Mental Models and the Anaesthetist”. Journal of Anaesthesia & Critical Care Case Reports thank following authors for their efforts put in contributing in this issue. Piyush Mallick Innovation – Tascope – Innovative Intubation Aid by Mangal Dave Anesthetic Management of a Patient with West Syndrome by Prerna Phulkar and Pallavi Waghalkar Cervical Epidural Anesthesia for Thyroidectomy in a Patient with a Potential Difficult and Compromised Airway by A. Verma, A. O. Amata and S. Amir Case Report: A Woman with Fever, Acute Changes in Mental State, and Progressive Neurological Degeneration by MCarrillo-Torres Orlando, Rivero-Sigarroa Eduardo, Loeza-Guemez Alejandro Unique presentation and clinical course of shingles by Luis M. Rivera and Timothy Furnish Unilateral Acute Renal Cortical Necrosis in a patient with Sepsis by Rohit Vadala, Ebenezer R, Nagarajan Ramakrishnan, Visweswar Reddy Airway management in morbidly obese with cervical instability using awake insertion of supra glottic device and Aintree intubation catheter by Aparna Sinha, Lakshmi Jayaraman, Dinesh Punhani Full neurological recovery following a hypothermic, near-drowning cardiac arrest with a 34 minute submersion time: A case report by Daniel Eden Ultrasound-guided 2-in-1 block – A technique to block both femoral nerve and lateral femoral cutaneous nerve using a single injection point by Tuhin Mistry and Shiv Kumar Singh Journal of Anaesthesia & Critical Care Case Reports is fortunate to serve in the field of Anaesthesia and Research with contribution from Doctors and Scientists working all over the world. We welcome articles for our upcoming issue.

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