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Vol 6 | Issue 2 | May-Aug 2020 | page: 1-2 | Pallavi Lande

Author: Pallavi Lande [1]

[1] Department Of Anesthesia, King’s College Hospital London, Dubai, UAE.

Address of Correspondence
Dr. Pallavi Lande,
Specialist Anaesthesiologist, King’s College Hospital London, Dubai, UAE.

From The Editor’s Desk

We thank Dr. Abhijit Dam for the guest editorial “COVID-19 & The Art of Unclenching Your Fist”.
Journal of Anaesthesia & Critical Care Case Reports thank following authors for their efforts put in contributing in this issue.
Igel Phantom: An Innovative Model for USG Guided Needling Training by Jesto kurian
Intubating a Treacher Collins Syndrome patient with STRIVE Hi and videolaryngoscopy by Lachlan Young, De Wet Potgieter, Courtney Roche
A Rare Case of Brugada Syndrome of a Female Patient Presented for Labour: Structured Anesthetic and Analgesic Plan for Delivery Management by Patrick Charles Thornton by Mohamad Atef Radwan
Early Detection is Vital in Successful Resuscitation after Massive Mixed-air and Carbon dioxide Venous Embolism during Laparoscopic Surgery by Surendranath V, Radhakrishna Patta, Raghavendran K
Cephalosporins – A Friend or Foe? An Uncommon Cause for Encephalopathy by Vaanathi Paulvannan, Lakshmikanthcharan S, Vivekananthan P, Sivakumar MN
Anesthetic Management of Scoliosis Correction in Mainzer-Saldino Syndrome by Diego Tavoletti, Elisabetta Rosanò, Elisabetta Cerutti, Luca Pecora
Technical Note- A Rare Presentation of Broken Epidural Catheter by Reena Chhabada, Shraddha Rastogi, Sunny Malik, Harshada Pangam
Journal of Anaesthesia & Critical Care Case Reports is fortunate to serve in the field of Anaesthesia and Research with contribution from Doctors and Scientists working all over the world. We welcome articles for our upcoming issue.

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