Calamity averted: A case report on postoperative thyroid storm


Vol 5 | Issue 2 | May-Aug 2019 | page: 20-22  | Santhosh. V, Balaji. T, Suresh. J, Mukunthakrishnan. L

Authors: Santhosh. V [1], Balaji. T [1], Suresh. J [1], Mukunthakrishnan. L [1]

[1] Department of Anaesthesia and Critical care, Preethi institute of medical sciences and research, uthangudi, Madurai 107, India.

Address of Correspondence

Dr. Suresh.J,
Department of Anaesthesia and Critical care,
Preethi institute of medical sciences and research,
uthangudi, Madurai 107, India.


We report a case of 22yr/M admitted for knee arthroscopic procedure and medial Patello-femoral ligament repair. Postoperatively patient developed high grade fever, tachycardia, hypertension for which sepsis was suspected and relevant investigations done. Further clinical manifestations made us to think of other hyper metabolic states. Hence Thyroid function test was done which revealed thyrotoxicosis. A diagnosis of thyroid storm was made in our case according to Burch-Wartofsky score and Japanese thyroid association criteria. Patient was treated with antithyroid drugs, beta-blockers and steroids. Timely recognition and aggressive management is needed to prevent high mortality and morbidity in such cases. Mortality is as high as 10-30% even with early recognition and aggressive management.
Key words: Thyrotoxic crisis, postoperative thyroid storm, postoperative fever, hyperthyroidism


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