Anaesthetic Management of Carinal Tumour Using Cross-table Ventilation

Vol 8 | Issue 1 | January-April 2022 | Page: 06-08 | Kavya Goel, Atul Bansal, Alok Basu Roy, Anurag Chaturvedi, Naveen Gupta

DOI: 10.13107/jaccr.2022.v08i01.193

Author: Kavya Goel [1], Atul Bansal [1], Alok Basu Roy [1], Anurag Chaturvedi [1], Naveen Gupta

[1] Department of Anaesthesia, Max Super Speciality Hospital, Vaishali, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Address of Correspondence
Dr. Kavya Goel,
Department of Anaesthesia, Max Super Speciality Hospital, Vaishali, Uttar Pradesh, India.

This case report describes a rarely used and described technique of cross-table ventilation which was successfully used in a case of carinal reconstruction surgery for a patient diagnosed with a breast tumour and carinal adenocarcinoma. She was planned for left modified radical mastectomy and carinal and right main bronchus sleeve resection with carinal reconstruction. After resection of left bronchus, a sterile flexometallic endobronchial tube was inserted into the left main bronchus and a sterile circuit attached. Surgery was uneventful and patient extubated successfully on third postoperative day. The choice to not insert a double lumen tube and ensure best possible access to surgeon for a thorough removal of the tumour ended up providing the best outcome for the patient.
Keywords: Carinal tumour, cross-table ventilation, One lung ventilation


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