Anaesthesia management of congenital tracheobiliary fistula repair


Vol 5 | Issue 2 | May-Aug 2019 | page: 13-15  | Deepali Gomase Rahate

Authors: Deepali Gomase Rahate [1]

[1] Department of Anaesthesia, Ganga Care Hospital, Nagpur, Maharashtra

Address of Correspondence

Dr. Deepali Gomase Rahate,
Department of Anaesthesia, Sr. Consultant,
Ganga Care Hospital, Nagpur, Maharashtra.


We reported a 51 days baby who was admitted with complaints of increased gastroesophageal reflux with repeated aspiration pneumonia and requiring ventilator support off and on. Patient was posted for bronchoscopy and on diagnosis of tracheobiliary fistula, patient was immediately scheduled for right thoracotomy with fistula repair so as to prevent further respiratory sequel. As these patients have poor lung compliance preoperatively they are difficult to manage intraoperatively and require proper postoperative respiratory management.
Keywords: tracheobiliary fistula, bronchoscopy, thoracotomy


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