A Rare Presentation of Broken Epidural Catheter


Vol 6 | Issue 2 | May-Aug 2020 | page: 23-24 | Reena Chhabada, Shraddha Rastogi, Sunny Malik, Harshada Pangam

Author: Reena Chhabada [1], Shraddha Rastogi [1], Sunny Malik [1], Harshada Pangam [1]

[1] Department of anaesthesia, Dr RML hospital and PGIMER New Delhi.

Address of Correspondence
Dr. Reena Chhabada,
Dr RML hospital and PGIMER New Delhi
E-mail: rchhabada@gmail.com

A Rare Presentation of Broken Epidural Catheter

We routinely use epidural catheters for intra operative and post operative analgesia. Although there are many known complications of epidural catheters, breakage of the catheter is a rarely encountered but well known complication. We report one such event in post operative period and its successful management.
Keywords: Epidural catheter; Epidural space; Documentation; Counselling.


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