Volume 2 | Issue 1 | Jan – Apr 2016

Journal of Anaesthesia and Critical Care Case Reports

ISSN 2454 -7174

Volume 2 | Issue 1 | Jan – Apr 2016


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Choice of Anaesthesiology as a career option: a dilemma?

Dr Pallavi Lande-Marghade

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Guest Editorials

Obstructive Sleep Apnea: the growing Menace!!

Dr Aparna Sinha

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Preoperative optimisation of IHD patient for non-cardiac surgery-Well begun is half done!

Dr Amarja Nagre

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Case Reports

Suprasystemic pulmonary artery hypertension for caesarean section: a case report

Dr Deepu Antony, Dr Shibu C Kallivalappil, Dr Mariam Koshi Thomas, Dr Sugatha M Prakash

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A Rare Case Report of Probable Indigotindisulfonate Sodium-Induced Cardiac Arrest

Dr Andrew P Smith, Dr Catherine A Millares, Dr Henry Cohen, Dr William Lois

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Cervicofacial Necrotizing Fasciitis – Airway Management

Dr Ankit Kedia, Dr Saikat Sengupta, Dr Gaurab Maitra, Dr Shantanu Panja

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Endotracheal Tube Clogging Resulting in Pulseless Electrical Activity Cardiac Arrest: Revisiting the Importance of Confirming Tube Positioning—A Case Report, Review of Literature, and Optimizing Patient Safety

Dr Cong Jian Li, Dr Karsten Roberts, Dr Geoffrey Lighthall

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Tracheoesophageal fistula and tracheomalacia due to elevated endotracheal tube cuff pressure- A case report

Dr Palmese Salvatore, Dr Scarano Daniele, Dr Odierna Italia, Dr Duccilli Patrizia

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Successful  management  of  a  patient  with  pacemaker for flap surgery of exposed  pulse  generator  device using magnet

Dr Amarja Sachin Nagre, Dr Nagesh Jambure, Dr Vasanti Kelker, Dr Sanhita Kulkarni, Dr Amruta Tilwe 

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Misplaced Chemotherapy-port Catheter Following Left Internal Jugular Venous Cannulation

Dr Pallavi Hansraj Bhange,  Dr Shilpa Shekhar Bhojraj

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Infracoracoid Vertical Approach for Infraclavicular Brachial Plexus Block and Neurostimulation – Anatomical and Technical Description

Dr Sandeep Diwan

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Letter to Editor

Trapped Epidural Catheter-a rare Anesthetic Dilemma – Letter to Editor

Dr K Raghavendran

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