Novel Two-point Perianal Block injection for postoperative pain in Proctological Surgeries


Vol 9 | Issue 2 | May-August 2023 | Page: 05-07 | Kala Eswaran, Anilkumar B


Author: Kala Eswaran [1], Anilkumar B [2]

[1] Free lance Anaesthesiologist in Private Practice, India.
[2] Free lance Anaesthesiologist in Private Practice, India.

Address of Correspondence

Dr. Kala Eswaran
Free lance Anaesthesiologist in Private Practice, India.


Perianal infiltration of Local anaesthetic has been utilized in providing analgesia and anaesthesia for minor proctological surgeries. Traditionally described perianal block by Nyström et al. involves eight injection techniques in the perianal region. We describe here a Novel Two-point injection for providing analgesia for minor proctological surgeries which has very easily identifiable landmarks and be easily reproducible to ensure quality analgesia.
Keywords: Two-point Perianal block, Proctological procedures, Post-operative pain relief.


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