Journal of Anaesthesia and Critical Care Case Reports Sep-Dec 2018 Vol 4 Issue 3

ISSN 2454 -7174

Volume 4 | Issue 3 | Sep – Dec 2018

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From The Editor’s Desk

Pallavi Lande-Marghade

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Guest Editorial

Failed Nerve Blocks: Prevention and Management

Dr. Santosh Kumar Sharma

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Mental Models and the Anaesthetist

Dr. Muralidhar Thondebhavi

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Piyush Mallick Innovation

Tascope – Innovative Intubation Aid

Dr. Mangal Dave

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Case Reports

Anesthetic Management of a Patient with West Syndrome

Prerna Phulkar, Pallavi Waghalkar

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Cervical Epidural Anesthesia for Thyroidectomy in a Patient with a Potential Difficult and Compromised Airway

A. Verma, A. O. Amata, S. Amir

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Case Report: A Woman with Fever, Acute Changes in Mental State, and Progressive Neurological Degeneration

Carrillo-Torres Orlando, Rivero-Sigarroa Eduardo, Loeza-Guemez Alejandro

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Unique presentation and clinical course of shingles: A case report

Luis M. Rivera, Timothy Furnish

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Unilateral Acute Renal Cortical Necrosis in a patient with Sepsis

Rohit Vadala, Ebenezer R, Nagarajan Ramakrishnan, Visweswar Reddy

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Airway management in morbidly obese with cervical instability using awake insertion of supra glottic device and Aintree intubation catheter

Aparna Sinha, Lakshmi Jayaraman, Dinesh Punhani

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Full neurological recovery following a hypothermic, near-drowning cardiac arrest with a 34 minute submersion time: A case report

Daniel Eden

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Technical Note

Ultrasound-guided 2-in-1 block – A technique to block both femoral nerve and lateral femoral cutaneous nerve using a single injection point

Tuhin Mistry, Shiv Kumar Singh

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