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Journal of Anaesthesia and Critical Care Case Reports is affiliated to

The Anaesthetist Society

Journal of Anaesthesia and Critical Care Case Reports (JACCR) is proud to be associated with The Anaesthetist Society (TAS) and we hope we can provide a good platform for the publication of good quality clinical cases

The Anaesthetist Society

Our History
The Anaesthetist Society (TAS) was founded by a group of like-minded Anesthetists on 21st March 2014 to address the unique concerns of Anaesthetists/ Anaesthesiologists from the developing world. It has organized many educational programs across India since its inception and continues to do so.

Our Mission
TAS’s mission is dedicated to the education of anaesthetist/anesthesiologists in the care of patients and to foster the knowledge and practice of safe anaesthesia. This will be accomplished through education, advocacy and involvement of everyone involved in the care of patients.The anaesthetist society though registered in India will have members from all over the world for sharing their experiences and furthering the moto of the group “Safe Anaesthesia, Safe Surgery and Safe Patient”.

Our Goals
The goals of the society are:

Provide a platform where members can share their knowledge and skills related to anaesthesia, critical care and pain medicine using various media including the social media.
Improve patient care by sharing the knowledge, skills and experiences (KSE).
Improve the profile of the specialty (Anaesthesia) and the anaesthestist/ anaesthesiologist (practitioner of anaesthesia, critical care and pain medicine).
Increase awareness amongst public of the importance of Anaesthesia, Critical Care, Pain medicine and Palliative care and the role played by the anaesthetist/ anaesthesiologist.
Improve collaboration amongst the members from various parts of the world in conducting research, audits and surveys.
Provide a platform where anaesthetist from all over the world can share their knowledge, experience and skills to improve patient care irrespective of where they are.
Provide advice in difficult situations that is not only evidence based but also experience based rather than theoretical.
Provide moral support and medico-legal advice to members in difficult situations.
Conduct regular conferences and workshops to increase the diffusion of knowledge, experience and skills.
Conduct research, audits and surveys to improve patient care and safety.
Support members who do charitable work in the field of anaesthesia, chronic pain and palliative care.
Provide technical and financial support to members working in remote and limited resource areas so that they can provide safe care to the patients.
Support work carried out in hospices where the resources are limited.
Provide educational material to students in need.
Take up effective, reasonable and lawful steps for the solution of problems relating to members of the society.